Your Guide to Keeping Your Pet Safe From Ticks

Your Guide to Keeping Your Pet Safe From Ticks

When the weather warms up, it’s time to take your favorite furry friend out and about. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who wants to get up close and personal with your dog or cat. Many insects and pests, especially ticks, love to hitch a ride on Fido’s fur. When that happens, your pet may get a tickborne disease, putting it in the hospital or potentially leading to life-threatening situations.
But how can you keep your pet safe? Let’s break down the top tips for tick prevention and mitigation for pets.

The Dangers of Ticks

Ticks can carry and transmit various harmful diseases to both humans and animals. The most well-known is Lyme disease, but depending on where you live, you likely have to worry about several more, like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
The primary issue with tickborne diseases is that vaccines or treatments don’t exist for pets. So, your furry friend will have to suffer through the worst symptoms while you watch, helpless to do anything.
Another issue is that it can be hard to spot ticks and tick bites on your pet because of all its fur. You also can’t rely on your dog or cat to notify you when they’re not okay since they may not feel the tick either. So, you could wind up with a sick pet with no prior warning.

How to Protect Your Pet

There are several protective options to keep your pet safe, such as:

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