Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Fit

Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Fit

Most dogs are naturally active and curious animals, meaning they need lots of love, affection, and exercise. However, since modern life can often get in the way, many dog owners don’t keep their pets as physically active as they should. If you start to notice your dog packing on the pounds, now’s the time to do something about it.
Here are four tips for keeping your dog fit.

Pay Close Attention to Its Diet

Weight control starts with what you eat. It’s the same for humans and dogs. Fortunately, since dogs have a higher metabolism, it’s easier to shed pounds. So, a few tweaks to your dog’s diet should help it look trim and fit in no time. If necessary, talk with your vet about specific dietary needs or restrictions.
As a rule, your dog should never eat human food. So, if you’re feeding your pet table scraps regularly, changing the habit can yield some incredible benefits.

Exercise and Walk It Daily

Some breeds are more active than others. Generally, small dogs have more energy, but what really matters is the dog’s genetics. Do some research to figure out how often you should be walking your pet every day. Most dogs should be okay with one 30-minute walk daily. Some breeds may need two or more.
You can also exercise your dog by playing with it. For example, if your breed likes fetch, that’s an easy way to tire it out and give it some much-needed exercise. Physical activity is not just helpful for losing weight – it ensures the dog’s body is in peak condition.

Have Your Dog Interact With Other Dogs

Fitness is both mental and physical, so you have to stimulate your dog’s brain and body. Dogs are naturally social animals, which is a big reason why they’re so good with humans. Take your pet to the dog park regularly and let it interact with the other doggies there.

Get Regular Vet Checkups

Finally, the best way to ensure your dog stays healthy is to focus on preventative and comprehensive care. Rather than taking your pet to the vet whenever it’s sick, it’s better to bring it for an annual checkup. These visits allow you to spot potential health problems and eliminate them before they worsen.

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