Titer Testing

At Animal Wellness Center, we provide our pet patients with comprehensive wellness care to keep them healthy and happy for life. Vaccinations that prevent pets from contracting contagious diseases are a vital component of wellness care.


When your pet receives a vaccination, develops a bacterial infection, or contracts a virus, his or her immune system responds by producing antibodies to fight the disease. These antibodies remain inside your pet’s bloodstream, guarding against future illness.

What Is Titer Testing?

Titer testing are blood tests that identify and count the number of antibodies flowing within a cat or dog’s bloodstream. Titer testing is used to evaluate a pet’s immunity or resistance to certain infectious viral and bacterial diseases, like rabies, parvo virus, canine distemper, and feline distemper, by measuring antibodies in the bloodstream.

When Is Titer Testing Used?

Wisconsin state law requires puppies and kittens receive a certain schedule of core vaccinations and booster shots. Core vaccines usually include vaccines to protect pets and their owners from contracting dangerous diseases like rabies, distemper, and parvo virus. After pets have received these initial required vaccines, veterinarians sometimes use titer testing to avoid the overuse of vaccinations. By testing a pet and analyzing the blood sample, a veterinarian can determine whether a dog or cat has enough antibodies against dangerous diseases or if the pet needs a booster shot.
Without a titer test, pets are put on set vaccination schedules, usually receiving annual booster shots or boosters every three years, depending on the type initial vaccination. Although adverse reactions to vaccinations are rare, titer testing reduces the risk of an adverse reaction and also save pet owners the cost of unnecessary vaccinations.

What to Expect During a Titer Test

Titer testing is a simple procedure. During a titer test, our phlebotomist (a veterinary specialist trained to extract blood) will take a small sample of your pet’s blood to run through a laboratory test. Our specialist will clean the injection site before inserting a small needle to extract the blood sample.
As all blood tests require the insertion of a needle, they will cause a pet a small amount of pain. The procedure, however, is quick and our veterinary specialist uses an experienced, gentle touch, which limits the amount of pain pets experience.
To learn more about titer testing and whether it’s right for your pet, contact one of our five locations today. Attachments