Keeping Your Pets Happy When You Are Away

Keeping Your Pets Happy When You Are Away

Our pets are social creatures. This is one of the reasons why they love living with us, but it’s also the reason they often have a difficult time being left alone. Whether you’re returning to work at the office after working from home or have a pet that feels anxious when you leave, the following tips can help your pet have a happier, more content time while you’re away for any reason.

6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Happy When You Aren't Home

1. Know the Signs of Separation Anxiety  
There’s a difference between a pet being sad that you’re away and a pet that is suffering from separation anxiety. The latter is marked by severe distress, excessive vocalization, destructive behaviors, accidents in the house, and other problems. If your pet has separation anxiety, you should seek assistance with training and your veterinarian right away.
2. Puzzle Toys
Puzzle toys can keep a pet’s mind occupied and busy for hours while they work to solve the puzzle and release the treats hidden within.
3. Dog or Cat Television  
There are several YouTube channels that provide calming, engaging content that is dedicated to entertaining dogs and cats. If this isn’t an option in your home, you can simply leave the television or radio on while you’re away.
4. Chew Toys  
Chew toys are a great way for your pet to direct their instinct to chew (sometimes as a result of anxiety) toward a positive activity. Provide them with chew toys that are appropriate for their size and strength, making sure your pet won’t be able to destroy them and accidentally swallow the pieces while they are unsupervised.
5. Snuffle Mat  
A snuffle mat is a soft, grass-like feeding mat that provides a way for pets to practice the foraging skills they would use if living in the wild.
6. Safe Retreat
Be sure your pet has a safe place, like a bed, cat tree, or crate, where they can find comfort when you are away.

Lifestyle and Behavioral Counseling at Animal Wellness Center

If your pet is exhibiting behavior issues while you’re away from home, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a veterinarian at Animal Wellness Center. We can examine your pet to rule out (or address) any underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to the behavioral issues. We can then provide you with powerful training tools and pet enrichment advice to help you get your pet on the track to happy independence. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us today.