How to Introduce a New Pet Into Your Home

How to Introduce a New Pet Into Your Home

Adopting a new pet is exciting, fun, and nerve-racking – especially when it comes to helping them get used to their new home.

5 Tips for Introducing a New Pet Into Your Home

1. Have Everything You Need
Get all of your new pet supplies before you bring a new pet home so that you’ll be well prepared and not have to immediately leave and go to the store. Make sure your new pet has its own bed, food and water bowls, and toys.
2. Take Time
Be prepared to spend a good chunk of time at home with your new pet, even it means taking a couple of days off of work. Make sure your schedule will allow you to spend a few days at home while your pet gets acclimated to the new surroundings.
3. Give Them Space
It’s best not to toss your pet into the mix, giving them the full run of the house immediately – especially if you have other pets or small children. Instead, keep your new pet confined to a room or a small portion of your home. This can become a safe space for your pet where they can relax and eat their meals without feeling pressure or worry. As they get acclimated, you can slowly introduce them to the children and other animals in the house.
4. Go Slowly
Introduce new pets to your other pets slowly. First, allow them to get used to the scent of the other pet by sniffing each other under a door. Next, introduce a screen door or tall pet gate where the pets can smell and see each other but not physically interact. When you fully introduce your pets, don’t expect them to get along immediately, and don’t scold them for growling or setting boundaries with each other.
5. Use Positive Reinforcement Disease
Reward new introductions with plenty of treats.

Establish Care With Animal Wellness Center

When you adopt a new pet, one of the first things you should do is to schedule a new pet appointment at one of Animal Wellness Center’s Wisconsin locations. We’ll thoroughly examine your new pet, help them become familiar with our office, and ensure they (and the rest of your family) are well protected with the proper vaccinations and parasite preventatives.
To learn more about Animal Wellness Center or for more advice about bringing a new pet home, we welcome you to contact any of our offices today.