Did You Know Your Pet Can Transfer These Skin Problems to You?

Did You Know Your Pet Can Transfer These Skin Problems to You?

We love our pets, and one of the coziest ways to express the affection we feel is by snuggling up together. As much as we love them, our pets can, unfortunately, pick up contagious diseases, parasites, and infections that they can then spread to us, humans.
While there are countless zoonotic diseases in the world, the following four can affect your skin.

4 Skin Problems You Can Get From Your Pet

1. Ringworm
Despite the name, ringworm is not actually a parasitic worm. It’s actually a type of fungus that can infect the skin of both pets and people. It causes hair loss, itchiness, dry/patchy feeling skin, lesions, and a scaly scalp. It’s typically treated with antifungal medications.
2. Scabies (Sarcoptic Mange)  
Microscopic parasitic mites called Sarcoptes cause sarcoptic mange. These mites bite into a pet’s skin and can be transferred to you through any kind of contact between your pet’s skin and yours. In humans, these mites cause a condition called scabies. In both people and pets, scabies and sarcoptic mange can be treated with medication.
3. Bacterial Skin Infections
Pets pick up a whole host of ickiness in their fur as they move about in the world and roll about in the smelly things they find outdoors. Several of these unpleasantries can cause bacterial infections in humans. One of the most common bacteria that can infect human skin is Staphylococcus.
Antibiotics can be used to treat these types of infections, and having your pet groomed professionally on a regular basis can help prevent them from occurring in the first place.
4. Creeping Eruption
Hookworm, a parasite that commonly afflicts dogs and cats, can also harm humans as it’s passed from pets to their owners’ skin, causing an infection called cutaneous larval migrans or “creeping eruption.” The infection causes blisters, a creeping rash, and itching.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care and Pet Dermatology for a Healthier Household

If you’re concerned about contracting skin problems and other diseases from your pets, then we strongly encourage you to prioritize your pet’s wellness and preventative veterinary care. The best way to keep your entire family healthy is by preventing your pets from contracting diseases and exposing your household to them in the first place.
To learn more about the wellness and preventative care and veterinary dermatology services available at Animal Wellness Center, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at any of our Wisconsin locations today.