Foods to Keep Your Pet Away From This Thanksgiving

Foods to Keep Your Pet Away From This Thanksgiving

Pets are family, and we want to include them in special family events like Thanksgiving Day. However, with plenty of tempting treats on display, our holiday celebrations aren’t always the safest environments for pets.

7 Thanksgiving Favorites to Keep Away From Your Pets

1. Nuts

Nuts contain too much fat for pets and can cause problems like indigestion and pancreatitis. Macadamia nuts and walnuts are highly toxic to dogs and cats. Eating them can be fatal. Keep pets away from nuts and dishes that contain them.
2. Grapes and Raisins
Popular in fruit salads and stuffing, grapes and raisins are dangerous for dogs and cats. Keep pets away from these chase-able round fruits and dishes that contain them.
3. Onions and the Rest of Their Family
The entire onion (allium) family – red, white, yellow, and green onions, shallots, scallions, leeks, chives, and garlic – is extremely toxic to dogs and cats. These ingredients (including dried and powdered versions) are found in our favorite recipes for mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and green bean casserole.
4. Dessert
Desserts often contain nuts and other potentially poisonous ingredients. For example, chocolate and xylitol (a sweetener commonly found in sugar-free desserts) are toxic to pets. Plus, plain-old sugar isn’t good for dogs or cats, either. It can cause an upset stomach. So, keep your pets away from the dessert tray.
5. Poultry
While a bite of turkey might seem harmless for a cat or dog, be careful to keep them from eating turkey skin or bones. They can choke on bones or suffer a perforated intestine if they manage to swallow one. Plus, the high-fat content in a basted turkey can lead to pancreatitis or an upset stomach. 
6. Ham
Ham is another human classic that’s not a great choice for treating pets. It’s high in fat which can upset your pet’s stomach and contribute to obesity. Even a small bite contains a huge amount of calories for a small dog or cat.
7. Alcohol
Alcohol is toxic to cats and dogs. Be sure to keep all adult beverages covered or well out of your pets’ reach.

What to Do If Your Pet Ingests a Toxic Food on Thanksgiving Day?

It’s safest to keep your pet in a quiet spot in your home during all the excitement of holiday festivities, but if your pet accidentally gets his paws on a toxic food this holiday season, be ready to take action. Contact the Animal Poison Control hotline for instructions and have the number for an emergency veterinarian on-hand at all times.
For more information about keeping pets safe on Thanksgiving Day, schedule an appointment with an Animal Wellness Center veterinarian near you.