The Benefits of Walking Your Dog (Even When It’s Cold Outside)

The Benefits of Walking Your Dog (Even When It’s Cold Outside)

It’s winter in Wisconsin, which means less daylight and cold, snowy weather. Although the conditions for walking your dog might not be ideal, it’s still extremely important that you head out regularly for walks. (Pro Tip: If it’s cold, take shorter, more frequent constitutionals.)

6 Benefits of Walking Your Dog

1. Weight Control and Good Health
Walking equals exercise, which not only helps prevent obesity, it also helps pets avoid secondary health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, staying active promotes good joint health and digestive health.
2. Mental Stimulation
To stay happy and avoid unwanted behaviors, dogs need to stay mentally active as well as physically active. Out in the world, dogs have plenty of opportunities to exercise their minds while they encounter new sights, sounds, smells, and sometimes even tastes. (Just try to keep your dog away from an abandoned cheeseburger).
3. Bonding
While you can let your dog out in the fenced yard for a little exercise, walking is a good activity to do together. It keeps both of you healthy and helps you bond with your furry friend.
4. Socialization
Going for walks also provides great opportunities for properly socializing your dog. When they encounter strange people and pets, you’ll be able to help them learn the proper way to behave around strangers, and they’ll eventually get used to crossing paths with them.
5. Training
Going for walks involves training your dog to walk on a leash, to leave the previously mentioned discarded cheeseburger, and to behave well around strangers. Not only is this good for strengthening your bond, but it also promotes more mental activity. Additionally, you’ll find lots of opportunities to reinforce your pup’s good behavior with reward-sized treats.
6. Better Sleep
A dog getting enough exercise will sleep soundly at night, which means you’ll sleep better, too!

Schedule a Healthy Weight Consultation for Your Pet

If you’re not sure whether your pet might be overweight and facing weight-related health problems, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at one of Animal Wellness Center’s five Wisconsin locations. Our veterinarians will assess your pet, help you determine a healthy weight range based on species, breed, and age, and set your pet up on a weight management plan.