How to Address Seasonal Allergy Flare-Ups

How to Address Seasonal Allergy Flare-Ups

Just like some people get allergies during certain times of the year, our pets can suffer from seasonal allergies, too. These environmental sensitivities can make them itchy and miserable. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help manage your pet’s seasonal allergy flare-ups.

6 Tips to Help Your Pet With Seasonal Allergies

1. Change Your Walking Routine
Try not to walk your dog in the early morning or late afternoon when the pollen counts are highest. This will limit your pet’s exposure to common seasonal allergies.
2. Purify Indoor Air
Keep the air inside your house as clean and free from allergens as possible. This means keeping the windows closed, using an air purifier, and making sure the filters on your HVAC system are clean.
3. Clean Surfaces
Whether they come in through an open window or get tracked inside on your feet or your pet’s paws, allergens inside your home can irritate your pet. Keep your floors clean and wash your pet’s bedding regularly to further limit indoor exposure.
4. Add Supplements
Allergies are caused by a wonky immune response to allergens that causes excessive inflammation. Adding nutritional supplements with anti-inflammatory effects like the omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids in fish oil can help limit your pet’s immune response to allergens.
5. Brush and Bathe
With all that fur, it’s easy for allergens like pollen and dust to get caught in your pet’s coat and continue irritating them long after you come indoors. During your pet’s allergy season, be sure to keep their skin and coat clean with regular brushing and bathing. Clearing allergens and other debris from their coats will reduce itching, help them feel more comfortable, and limit their exposure.
6. Know the Signs of Pet Allergies
You can’t help your pet with their seasonal allergies if you don’t even realize they have them. It’s important to know that allergies can cause different symptoms in pets than in humans.
The most common symptom is itching, but allergies can also lead to:

Schedule a Pet Allergy Consultation at Animal Wellness Center

If do-it-yourself allergy control is not providing your pet with enough relief, we encourage you to schedule a pet allergy appointment with one of our veterinarians at Animal Wellness Center. We’ll evaluate your pet and provide you with a variety of more powerful allergy treatment options including antihistamine medications and even immunotherapy for pets.
To learn more or schedule an appointment for your dog or cat, contact us today!