5 Essential Puppy Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month

5 Essential Puppy Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month

Congratulations on adopting a new puppy! If you haven’t noticed already, puppies can be a handful. One of the most important aspects of caring for and raising a puppy is ensuring they are well-trained, have good manners, and know the type of behavior that is expected of them. Training your puppy will help him or her be successful, happy, and safe throughout life.

5 Tips for Successfully Training Your Puppy

1. Positive Reinforcement Is the Best Method
Reinforce your pet’s good behaviors and successes in training with treats, pets, and praise. Using punishment to teach your dog which behaviors are undesirable can result in your new pet losing trust in you and weaken your bond as a result. Positive reinforcement is always the best method for developing your dog’s manners and bond with you.
2. Use a Clicker for Marker Training
Get a clicker to click as soon as your dog performs a desired behavior. This marks the behavior so your dog understands why he or she is being rewarded with a treat.
3. Be Consistent
Consistency in training is key. In training, your dog’s rules and expected behaviors should not change from place to place or in different rooms of the house. You should also continue praising your dog’s good behavior outside of your official training time.
4. Socialization Is Vital
Improperly socialized pets become fearful and less confident adults. Puppies only have a small window for socialization. Safely expose them to different people, animals, textures, sights, smells, and sounds during this time.
5. Take a Class Together
Puppy training classes have several benefits. They’re great for helping puppies to get socialized while learning manners and basic tricks. They’re also a great opportunity for new puppy owners to learn how to train and work with their dogs.

New Pet Appointments at Animal Wellness Center in Wisconsin

In addition to making sure your new puppy is well-trained, it’s also your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure they have all the veterinary care they need to stay healthy and happy throughout life. During a new pet appointment, our veterinarians will examine your dog and screen them for any signs of potential health problems that will benefit from early treatment. Additionally, we’ll ensure your pet has the core and non-core vaccines and parasite preventatives they need to stay healthy.
To learn more, we welcome you to contact Animal Wellness Center to schedule an appointment for your new puppy.