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Veterinary Services for Puppies

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Veterinary Services for Puppies


Health Procedures and Treatments for Puppies

Bringing home a puppy is always a lot of fun. Before you can enjoy long walks and games of fetch, your puppy will need a lot of care to grow big and strong. They’ll need everything from specialized diets to vaccines and surgeries. Making sure your new canine friend is healthy is paramount, which is why Animal Wellness Center of Wisconsin offers specialized puppy veterinary services.

Just like with adult dogs, our Burlington, Waukesha, Oak Creek, and Fond du Lac veterinary clinics give puppies everything from their regular checkups to vaccines, bloodwork, and spaying or neutering. If your puppy is from a local shelter, they might have received some of their basic shots already. Be sure to ask about your new dog’s medical history before heading home. Our clinic will use these notes in our electronic records, to keep tabs on everything your puppy needs.

Never had a puppy or dog before? Our staff provides client education for new pet parents who need a few extra tips and tricks when raising their new puppy.

The Healthy Puppy Timeline

The treatment your puppy receives will depend on several factors like age, size, and breed. Bigger puppies may be able to receive certain shots sooner while you might have to wait to spay or neuter a smaller breed dog until they reach a healthier size. Our veterinarians will determine the vaccine schedule for your puppy based on all these factors.

When it comes time to spay or neuter, most new pet parents are nervous about leaving their puppy in a strange place. We welcome you to come visit our facilities during a Meet & Greet so you’re fully comfortable while your puppy receives their surgery. We have available a board certified surgeon and internist to provide full abdominal ultrasound scans, orthopedic surgeries, and other treatments for your dog.

Common Puppy Diseases and Injuries

  • Distemper – Usually mistaken for a harmless “cold”, this respiratory disease can come back when your puppy is older
  • Kennel Cough – Characterized by a heavy cough in your puppy, this infection is very contagious
  • Parvovirus – Often shortened to “parvo”, this disease is highly contagious between dogs 3 months – 3 years old
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea – Any unusual vomit or stool may be a sign of intestinal parasites or that your puppy has eaten something they shouldn’t have and can’t pass normally

Getting treatment for fleas, ticks, and worms is also very important for puppies. Since they are smaller, these infestations can take more of a toll than a similar infestation on a larger dog.

Puppies are playful, so be on the lookout for limping, cuts, or scratches after playing with other animals. Our clinics have the diagnostic tools to determine where your pet is injured and our expert staff will devise the right treatment plan for a full recovery.

Growing Up with Animal Wellness Center

As your puppy grows older, Animal Wellness Center uses multi-year vaccination schedules to keep your pet healthy and safe from disease. This includes rabies booster shots to meet local regulations. Our veterinarians will recommend different preventative plans based on the lifestyle your puppy has and their breed.

Our staff loves all animals, which is why we believe in offering positive reinforcement to puppies to make them comfortable with future vet visits. And all good puppies will receive a cookie to minimize stress during their appointment.

Contact Animal Wellness Center today to schedule a veterinary appointment for your puppy.