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Veterinary Services for Dogs

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Veterinary Services for Dogs


Health Procedures for Dogs at Animal Wellness Center

Your dog is your best friend. You play fetch, go for walks, and try to resist when they beg for treats at the dinner table. When they need medical care, whether it’s emergency surgery or a regular checkup, you want them to have the absolute best. Animal Wellness Center has 4 clinic locations in Waukesha, Oak Creek, Burlington and Fond du Lac to provide convenient veterinary service for Wisconsin dog owners.

Animal Wellness Center offers routine wellness veterinary care, which includes vaccinations, annual bloodwork, and preventative care. Our routine services for dogs include spays and neuters, as well as dental cleanings.

Our secondary-level veterinary care includes diagnostics using our in house laboratory for immediate results, as well as providing ultrasonography and radiology services. Secondary-level veterinary care also includes elective surgical procedures such as:

  • Tumor removals
  • Dental surgery
  • Cystotomy
  • Cruciate repair
  • And more

Tertiary-level veterinary care covers hospitalization at our four locations. We have a board certified surgeon and internist available to provide full abdominal ultrasound scans, orthopedic surgeries, and other treatments for your dog.

Going Beyond for Wisconsin Dogs

Not only do we provide the latest in diagnostic, surgical, and preventative care, we have specialized services you won’t find anywhere else. Dr. Hillery is a certified VSMT veterinarian, meaning she is able to practice veterinary spinal manipulation therapy on dogs. This therapy is similar to chiropractic care for humans as it relives tension throughout the body along the spine and joints. This form of treatment is often used on dogs with arthritis, a limp, or after surgery to improve recovery.

There is a common misconception that it is normal for dogs to be loud and destructive. These unruly behaviors are often a sign of some underlying problem or lack of training. Animal Wellness Center offers behavioral consults for dogs in the Waukesha area. We will determine the cause of your dog’s behavior and suggest ways to control their actions.

Common Dog Diseases and Injuries

Dog at Oak Creek VetAmong adult dogs, ear infections are common, especially in breeds with long, fluffy, or floppy ears. The length of the ear can trap bacteria in the ear canal, leading to infection. If the bacteria is allowed to fester long enough, your dog could get incredibly sick.

Worms, fleas, and ticks are another issue for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors. Flea infestations can happen in a matter of days while worms and ticks can be making your dog sick seemingly out of nowhere. It is important to always check your dog’s coat after coming in from outdoor activities.

Leg injuries are common in dogs, though the occasional bite or scratch may occur from roughhousing with other pets. If your dog is limping, you must take them to a vet right away to prevent further leg damage. Animal Wellness Center has X-ray machines to better diagnose the cause of your dog’s pain before providing a treatment plan. The sooner you get treatment, the sooner your dog will be running around normally.

Finally, many dogs become ill as a result of what they eat. If your dog has started to vomit or developed diarrhea, it may be because they ate something they shouldn’t have. A quick trip to Animal Wellness Center’s ultrasound machine will determine what they ate and how to remove it.

Purebred Dog Health Problems

Purebred dogs may face different health issues due to their genetics. Our Wisconsin veterinarians have worked with many different breeds and are aware of their underlying health problems.

The Difference of Animal Wellness Center

Dog at Waukesha Pet HospitalAt Animal Wellness Center, we offer a tailored vaccination schedule based on patient’s lifestyle. Our multi-year vaccination schedule ensures your dog stays up to date with everything from rabies boosters to annual bloodwork. Start with a Meet & Greet to introduce your dog to our facilities and services.

We don’t want your dog to feel sick or be in pain at all, which is why we focus on providing exceptional preventative care. Using our electronic medical records, we can schedule multi-year vaccinations and provide regular titer testing for minimal vaccinations.

Contact Animal Wellness Center today to schedule a veterinary appointment for your dog.