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Veterinary Services for Cats

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Veterinary Services for Cats


Health Procedures for Cats

Cats make great companions. While they may not be as attentive as dogs, they are always there when you need them. When your feline friend needs veterinary care, Animal Wellness Center provides everything from checkups and vaccinations to surgeries and emergency care. Animal Wellness Center gives Wisconsin cat owners local veterinary services at our 4 locations in in Waukesha, Burlington, Oak Creek, and Fond du Lac.

Cats are more likely than dogs to hide pain or discomfort from their owners, making treatment difficult. Animal Wellness Center offers routine feline wellness veterinary services, including vaccinations, annual bloodwork, and preventative care. Our treatment plans for cats include everything from dental cleanings to spays and neuters. With regular visits, your cat companion will stay healthy for years and years.

Feline Treatment in Wisconsin

Our facilities have in house laboratories to provide immediate results after diagnostic testing, giving you relief right away about your cat’s health. When your cat needs tumor removal, cystotomy, cruciate repair, or dental surgery, they will be hospitalized right at our local clinics instead of across the state. You can rest easy knowing your cat is close by and being treated by our animal-loving staff.

We offer elective surgical procedures alongside our veterinary services. Our board certified surgeon and internist is on-call to help with radiology, orthopedic surgeries, and more. Abdominal ultrasound scans on pregnant cats will help you prepare for a litter of kittens or aid in diagnosing internal injuries.

Common Cat Diseases and Injuries

When it comes to felines, our veterinarians have noticed some conditions, diseases, and injuries more than others. For example, older cats are more likely to develop kidney failure, which can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages. Regular testing will make it possible to properly diagnose and provide treatment for your cat.

Other common cat diseases include:

    • Diabetes
    • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)
    • Feline Hyperthyroid Disease
    • Feline Heartworm Disease
    • Feline Chronic Renal Disease
    • Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)
    • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
    • Dental problems

Many of these conditions are treatable if caught early or are preventable with the right precautions. Check with your Animal Wellness Center veterinarian to make sure your cat is up-to-date on vaccines, shots, and treatments.

If you allow your cat outdoors, they may get roundworm or tapeworm from eating infected animals while hunting. Going outside will also expose them to fleas and ticks, so always check their fur after they’ve gone out.

Purebred Cat Health Problems

Purebred cats may experience health problems due to genetic disorders common to the breed. At Animal Wellness Clinic, our veterinary staff has worked with many feline breeds, allowing us to recognize potential health problems and take action to prevent future issues.

Breeds with known health issues include:

    • Abyssinian
    • Bengal
    • Burmese
    • Devon Rex
    • Himalayan
    • Maine Coon
    • Persian
    • Siamese

Feline-Friendly Vets at Animal Wellness Center

Cat Examination in Oak CreekOne of the reasons many cat owners avoid taking their feline family member to the vet is due to the difficulty of catching and transporting a cat. Our expert veterinarians know how to handle your cat to minimize the effects of the stressful situation. The Meet & Greet program allows you the chance to tour our facility and see the staff in action.

We tailor vaccinations based around your cat’s lifestyle. Outdoor cats will receive additional shots and vaccinations compared to their indoor counterparts. We use a multi-year vaccination schedule to ensure your cat is up-to-date on all their shots and use titer testing to check their antibodies. We don’t want your cat to feel sick or be in pain at all, which is why we focus on providing exceptional preventative care.

Contact Animal Wellness Center today to schedule a veterinary appointment for your cat today.