Wisconsin Veterinary Services for Pets

Animal Wellness Center Treats Waukesha Area Pets

Your pet is part of your family. Animal Wellness Center offers routine wellness veterinary care including vaccinations, annual bloodwork, and preventative services. We welcome dogs and cats of all ages to receive routine care at our Waukesha, Oak Creek, Burlington, or Fond du Lac clinics.

Our veterinarians love animals of all shapes and sizes. We know no two pets are exactly alike, which is why we use electronic medical records to make personalized treatment plans for each animal we treat. In-house laboratories, ultrasonography, and radiology allow us to diagnose your pet faster than ever, giving you immediate peace of mind. Treatment plans range from prescription medications to surgery.


Animal Wellness Center veterinary care includes hospitalization at our four locations for when your furry friend needs overnight treatment. We have available a board certified surgeon and internist to provide full abdominal ultrasound scans, orthopedic surgeries, and other treatments for your pet.

Contact the staff of Animal Wellness Center today to schedule a veterinary appointment for your pet.