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Titer Testing


What is Titer Testing?

A titer test is a lab test for pets to measures the amount of antibodies in the blood. The more antibodies an animal has, the more immunity they have against certain diseases. In dogs, the test tracks the level of antibodies responsible for fighting against:

  • Canine distemper – a serious viral illness affecting the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous system
  • Rabies – a virus affecting a dog’s spinal cord and brain
  • Parvo (canine parvovirus) –highly-contagious virus affecting the intestinal or cardiac system

Certain titer test are available for cats as well, usually targeting feline distemper and rabies. However, the titer process is mostly used for puppies and dogs.

Not sure if your pet needs an immunity boost? The Animal Wellness Centers in Oak Creek, Waukesha, Fond du Lac, and Burlington are here to determine if titer testing is right for your animal companion. We want what’s best for your furry family member and will give you as much information as possible to keep your pet healthy and happy. Contact our veterinarians for titer testing services in Wisconsin today!

What Happens During the Titer Test?

Puppy in Waukesha

Titer testing a simple procedure. A phlebotomist, one of our veterinary specialists trained to draw blood, will first clean the injection area and then take a sample of blood with a small needle. Your pet’s results will come in number form, measuring how many antibodies are still present from their last vaccine. This will determine whether they need an additional booster now or can wait a little longer.

We understand you’re a concerned pet-parent. Our Waukesha veterinarians make your dog or cat as comfortable as possible during the titer test. Drawing blood will likely cause a small amount of pain, but we move through the process as quick as possible to prevent discomfort. We love animals and want them to trust us to keep them healthy now and in the future!

How Do I Know a Titer Test is Right for My Dog?

There are no disadvantages to having your dog titer tested, only benefits. For the first few years of your dog’s life, there are many recommended vaccines to boost your puppy’s overall health. Some canine vaccines are required by the state of Wisconsin. Once your pet has had their initial round of vaccines, the titer test can determine when they really need follow-up vaccines.

Dog at Waukesha VetBenefits of having your dog titer tested include:

  • Avoid unnecessary vaccinations
  • Have a better understanding of your pet’s health
  • Reduces cost for vaccinations later on

Whether your dog needs a regular check-up, flea and tick prevention, or in-depth dental surgery, our Burlington veterinarian services treat your pet with the most professional and gentle care. We love animals, just like you do, and will do everything to make sure your pet is comfortable and happy while they’re visiting us. Give your dog or cat the long and joyful life they deserve!

Aside from titer testing, we provide other vet care services for your canine friend:


Contact our veterinary service for canine titer testing in Waukesha, Fond du Lac, Brookfield, or Oak Creek today!