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Checkups for Dogs and Cats at Animal Wellness Center

Annual and biannual examinations with Animal Wellness Center are the cornerstone to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Regular checkups allow our veterinarians to track changes in behavior or physical appearance which could indicate medical issues. These visits are also the time for vaccine boosters.

Waukesha Vet Examining DogAnimal Wellness Center examinations include:

  • Routine Vaccinations and Boosters
  • Weigh-In
  • Full-Body Review Including Checking:
    • Internal Temperature
    • Ears and Eyes
    • Nose and Mouth
    • Skin
    • Heart and Lungs
  • Parasite Tests

At Animal Wellness Center, we provide exams for dogs and for cats. Visit one of our 4 clinics in southeast Wisconsin for a full exam for your pet today. Our vets are located in Waukesha, Oak Creek, Burlington, and Fond du Lac.

Exams for Dogs and Puppies

Young Puppy Vet Exam in WaukeshaRegular checkups for your dog will help prevent disease and catch conditions before they become a big problem. With puppies, the changes to their growing body should be monitored to ensure they are developing on a healthy timeline. Many canine vaccines have to be administered in doses, so checkups can be conveniently scheduled alongside booster shots.

How often should dogs go to the vet?

This will depend on your dog. Their breed, background, and previous medical issues will determine whether they will need examinations once a year or more. Large breeds may need more visits to monitor their joints as they age.

  • Puppies usually need to visit the vet once per month for the first 4 months of their life.
  • Once your dog reaches 1 year of age, they will likely only need appointments once or twice a year.
  • Senior dogs are recommended to have an appointment twice a year, so our vets keep an eye on their cognitive health, as well as look out for canine cancers associated with old age.

If your dog hasn’t been to the vet for over a year, arrange a Meet and Greet with Animal Wellness Center. We will make sure your dog is brought up-to-date with vaccines and is in good shape.

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Exams for Cats and Kittens 

Waukesha Kittens at Vet OfficeMany people don’t bring their cats into the vet because they think the cat is healthy because they live indoors. Or they are worried about the trip causing too much stress; however, it is still important to bring your cat in for a checkup. Cats are especially good at hiding pain or discomfort. They could be sick, and you might not know it until it’s too late.

How often should cats go to the vet?

When and how often your cat should go to the vet depends on your cat’s age, current health, breed, and lifestyle.

  • Kittens should receive exams once a month for their first 4 months of life, again around 6 months, and at 1 year. Usually, these exams will line up with their latest round of vaccinations. Young kittens will need a lot of attention to track their growth.
  • Adult cats, even if they appear healthy, should still receive examinations when they receive their latest vaccinations or have bloodwork done.
  • Cats older than 10 years should receive biannual exams, especially if there are behavior changes.

It’s normal for young kitties to exhibit odd behaviors as they mature. However, a cute quirk from when they were little could be a sign of an underlying health problem if it continues into adulthood. Regular exams will track these behaviors.

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Bring Your Cat or Dog in for Their Wellness Exam Today

Whether your pet is overdue or have an upcoming exam soon, get in touch with Animal Wellness Center. Our veterinarians in Waukesha, Fond du Lac, Burlington, and Oak Creek will be happy to help. We’ll get your pet scheduled for an appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

Contact the Southeastern Wisconsin veterinarians at Animal Wellness Center today to schedule an appointment.