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Drooling – Dogs

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Drooling – Dogs


Why is My Dog Drooling So Much?

Dog Drooling All of a Sudden WisconsinMost dogs drool a little, and some breeds (such as the Saint Bernard, Bloodhound, and Mastiff) are naturally slobbery. If your dog suddenly starts drooling more than usual (also called hypersalivation), it may be a sign something is wrong with their health.

Causes of Excessive Drooling

Something Caught in the Mouth

Carefully check your dog’s teeth, gums, tongue, and throat for anything stuck in there. Dogs chew on all kinds of things, from their own food and toys to plants, trash, and items they find in the yard. Remove the foreign object if you can, or visit our vets for removal assistance.

Mouth Injury

If there’s nothing stuck in your dog’s mouth, there may be a small injury causing all the drool. Check for any bleeding, discoloration, or other signs of a wound. You may be able to dab minor injuries with a little hydrogen peroxide. Call Animal Wellness Center for help with larger wounds or major bleeding.

Dental Problems

Hypersalivation can be caused by problems with your dog’s teeth and gums. Check for signs of tartar buildup, such as browning teeth and red, swollen, or bleeding gums. Your veterinarian can take a closer look for more severe problems like cracked teeth, growths, ulcers, and oral diseases.

Why Does My Dog Slobber So MuchHeatstroke

If your dog has been spending a lot of time in the sun and is drooling and lethargic, the problem could be heatstroke. Heatstroke is very serious, and your dog needs to be taken to the vet immediately to prevent dehydration.


Dogs commonly drool a lot when they are feeling nauseated due to anxiety, carsickness/motion sickness, dizziness, or eating various non-food items.

Internal Disease and Infection

Excessive drooling can be a side effect of kidney or liver disease. Nose, sinus, and throat infections can lead to hypersalivation as well as bad breath.

Eating Plants

Some common types of plants are poisonous to dogs and can cause drooling, including tulips, chrysanthemums, and azaleas.

When Your Dog Won’t Stop Drooling, See the Vet

If your pet is drooling more than usual and you can’t find the cause yourself, come see the vets at Animal Wellness Center. We’ll help you determine the cause and treat it, restoring your dog’s normal amount of slobber.

Contact Animal Wellness Center for excessive drooling treatment options.