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Diarrhea – Cats

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Diarrhea – Cats

How to Identify Diarrhea in Felines

Cats are generally able to eliminate without problems. Since cats instinctively bury their waste in a litter box, it can be hard for cat owners to tell when their pet has diarrhea.

When you scoop the litterbox, check the stool for unusual color, consistency, or size. This will make it easier to notice changes when your cat has diarrhea or digestive health problems. Contact Animal Wellness Center for treatment if your cat is experiencing diarrhea.

Examples of Unusual Cat Stool Samples:

  • Black color
  • Tarry consistency
  • Liquid (any color)
  • Blood present

Symptoms of Small Intestine Diarrhea vs Large Intestine Diarrhea

Clean Litter Box in Oak CreekThe cause of cat diarrhea can sometimes be determined by the location of the problem. Diarrhea which originates in the small intestines may cause flatulence, weight loss, and vomiting. The diarrhea of the large intestine will not have these additional symptoms, though there will most likely be more stool and more frequent trips to the litter box.

By paying attention to your kitty’s symptoms, our vets will better be able to determine the exact cause of their illness and make them well. Schedule an appointment at the Animal Wellness Center closest to your home to find the cause and best treatment plan for your cat’s diarrhea.

Common Causes of Diarrhea in Cats

A change in diet can upset your cat’s digestive system, leading to diarrhea and vomiting. Whenever you switch your pet to a new food, introduce it to your kitty slowly by mixing it with their old food first.

If they have eaten an item they cannot digest, like a toy, a blockage can form in their gastrointestinal tract. Surgery may be needed to safely remove the item. Many cats cannot digest properly dairy, so a yogurt, ice-cream, and milk treat may also cause diarrhea.

Additionally, infection from bacteria, parasites, or viruses may lead to diarrhea. Regular feline vaccinations will prevent many of these health problems for your cat.

Signs of Severe Diarrhea

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • Eliminating outside the litterbox

Kittens under one year old should always be checked out by our vets when they experience diarrhea. Due to their size, it is easier for them to become severely dehydrated by even a small amount of diarrhea.

Kitten in Litter Box in WaukeshaHow to Treat Cat Diarrhea

One of the big concerns of diarrhea is dehydration. Make sure your cat gets plenty of water as they recover. If they are not interested in their water dish, try giving them ice cubes or flavored broth.

For the first few hours, only feed your cat bland foods like chicken, rice, and pumpkin. These are easier to digest and less likely than other treats to cause additional diarrhea. If your cat was vomiting, wait 12-14 hours before feeding them again.

Never give human medication to cats, as these can be toxic.

The vets of Animal Wellness Center, with offices in have years of experiencing helping pet owners. We have the latest veterinary technology to provide more accurate diagnoses for our pet patients. Visit our offices in Waukesha, Fond du Lac, Burlington, or Oak Creek when your cat needs treatment for diarrhea.

To treat your cat’s diarrhea, scheduling an appointment with the vets of Animal Wellness Center.