Cherelle Vance


Hello everyone, my name is Cherelle. I graduated Ultimate Medical Academy in September, where I got my Associate's Degree in Medical Administrative Assistant. I just started working here at Animal Wellness Center in November, and I bring with me a variety of skills that I have obtained while being in retail for a little over 12 years. The transition from human medicine to veterinary medicine is very different, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Being able to get to know our clients and their pet(s) is just the best. I love being able to chat with the owners, and petting the best part of the job, along with feeding the pets treats ;-)

Growing up, I had a lot of different pets (but not all at once!!); dogs, cats, snakes, hamster, birds, rabbits, and of course fish!! As of right now, I only have 1 cat: Mr. Socks. He's an 8 year old, 16lb big ball of love!!