Megan Meier


Howdy y’all! My name is Megan and I am a veterinary technician at Animal Wellness Center of Oak Creek. Ever since I was a young girl, animals and the veterinary field stole my heart. Growing up my nickname was Dr. Dolittle because of my love for all animals and vice versa.

I have three wonderful cats with three completely different personalities. Midnight is the oldest and sweetest, her nickname is Better because she is the “bestest cat ever” and she gets along with everyone and everything. The middle child is Saturn; she is a pleasantly plump beauty with a timid personality. Then we have the baby Boots who is a little scaredy cat. I also have a German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy, Chloe who is just a bundle of energy.

I am currently a full- time student attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for Biomedical and Pre-veterinary sciences following my dream of becoming a veterinarian. On my days off, I enjoy volunteering at a no-kill cat shelter in Milwaukee called Happy Endings. I have lived in Oak Creek and Milwaukee County my entire life. I was a competitive world cheerleading athlete for many years, and Xtreme Spirit Magazine’s Cheerleader of the Year 2009. Do not let that fool you; I am also a tom-boy and country girl. I love playing every sport and doing anything outdoors. I take great pride in my job and assure that every animal is cared for above and beyond any expectations.